10 Gifts Perfect for Cat Lovers

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10 Gifts Perfect for Cat Lovers

Finding the purrfect gift for your cat-loving friends can be hard. To help you on your quest, My Passion Street has compiled a list of our ten favorite cat-themed gifts. Ranging from fun to stylish to downright hilarious, these novel gifts are sure to be a hit among feline fanatics. Avoid a catastrophe, and get your cat gifts meow.

Here are 10 gifts cat lovers are sure to love.


3-D Cute Cat Women’s Socks - Set of 4 Pairs

Socks can be a bit of a dull gift. However, socks with 3D cats printed on them...are anything but boring. With four different cats demonstrating four unique expressions, these socks will give your cat-enthusiast friends a range of options to express their fun, quirky love for cats. It’s the perfect cat gift for her.

3-D Cat Floor Mats

Looking to jazz up your friend’s kitchen with some funny felines? How about floor mats depicting a clowder of cats dining at a table? Offered in four different sizes, these mats are the perfect addition to your cat-lover's kitchen.



3-D Cute Cat Balaclava Mask

Have you ever wanted to be a cat? We can help with that...sort of. With the Balaclava Mask, you can rock the face of a cat. Perfect for cycling, skiing, and getting enormous laughs, the Balaclava Mask is a great novel gift for cat lovers—also makes an excellent Halloween costume.


Cat Ear LED Light Headphones

These cute and stylish noise-cancelling LED headphones not only provide high-quality audio, but they also allow you to sport your cat pride in style.


7 Color LED Cat Night Lamp

Everyone likes a nice lamp, especially a lamp that has seven different color options and is in the shape of an adorable cat. It’s a lamp that is sure to light up the home of any feline fan.



Hipster Cat Leather Handbag

What’s better than a handbag with a cat on it? A handbag with a hipster cat on it. And don’t be mistaken—this handbag is not merely a novelty cat gift, it’s a stylish handbag suitable for everyday use. However, you’ll love it even more if you adore cats.


Cool Cat Transparent Silicone Phone Case

Buy the gift that enables your cat-lover friend to protect his or her phone in style. Designed for iPhones, this Cool Cat case is made of soft silicone and is perfect for flaunting your feline pride.

Money Cat DIY Painting

This paint-by-number kit is the perfect gift for kids and adults alike. Not only will this one-of-a-kind gift get a good laugh, but it’s a laugh that will live on for years, because after the painting is finished you can hang it on the wall, forever displaying your rich love for felines. 

Cat Jewelry and Accessories

My Passion Street has an extensive collection of jewelry, including a wide range of jewelry specifically for cat lovers. Among our collection of unique cat-themed accessories and jewelry, we have gold and silver plated rings, necklaces, charms, earrings, bracelets, scarves, and hats.

Still don’t see the unique cat gift you’re looking for? Browse through the rest of our collection to find what you need—we also have a large selection of jewelry, baking accessories, and cooking gadgets.