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10 Must-Haves for Budget Bakers

There’s an old saying that goes, “Don’t work harder; work smarter.” Regardless of its application, this typically means: invest in the knowledge and tools that will make your work more efficient and effective. It’s a powerful message that applies to an array of endeavors, including the art of baking. You wouldn’t, for example, try to bake a wedding cake without a recipe, would you? No, you want to do all that you can to ensure you have the information to produce the best possible results.

The same principle applies to your baking utensils. Investing in rather inexpensive baking gadgets can help you become an expert baker. Here are ten inexpensive baking accessories that are sure to not only save you time and headaches but also help you produce professional-quality baked goods.

Carving Tool Set  

This is a must have for bakers who want to elevate their cakes into works of art. With a pen-like grip, you’ll be able to cut, sculpt, detail, and decorate your fondant icing with precision.


Cake Decorating Turntable

Tired of running around the table when icing your cake? With this turntable, perfecting your cake won’t make you dizzy. You can remain in your chair, spin your cake, and ice with a steady hand.


Hydrangea Flower Fondant Cutter

Cakes made by professionals are easy to spot. There are certain tells that reveal an expert baker. Among these many signs are exquisite flowers. This collection of cutters are a simple way to craft the kind of flowery decorations that will make you look like a baking whiz.

Silicone Measuring Baking Sheet

If you are a baking perfectionist, this is a must-have for your kitchen. It’ll help make sure your measurements are exact and you baking is on point. Conveniently, this sheet is easy to clean, as well as non-stick, non-toxic, and resistant to high temperatures. And it comes in different sizes and colors!


5 Layer Guide Cake Slicer

Have you ever tried creating cake layers with a standard knife? If so, this handy gadget is probably already a part of your cake baking supplies. This cake slicer makes baking a multi-layered cake painless. It allows you to adjust the width of your cut and ensure that each layer is level.


Cake Dough Cutter

Great for dividing, creating clean sides, and for cleaning up your workspace, this dough cutter is certainly a must-have baking accessory. And as an added bonus, it prevents you from damaging your knives trying to scrape the last bits of dough off the cutting board.


Lattice Pie Cutter

Looking to make a picture-perfect pie or tart? Do it the smart way—not the hard way. With this professional-quality lattice dough cutter, you’ll have the key to creating perfect topping for pies, tarts, and any other treat that could use a beautiful lattice design.  


56 Piece Decorating Piping Tips

When it comes to cake decorating equipment, no collection is complete without a piping set. This large collection of tips is perfect. Whether you are looking to top your baked good with snowflakes, fluffy swirls, intricate flowers, or some other unique creation, this vast collection is the perfect way to expand your icing palette. And as an added bonus you’ll also get disposable piping bags!

Alphabet Letters Cutter

Looking for some baking utensils that’ll expand your creative toolkit? A quality set of letter cutters is the perfect addition.Whether it’s to spell out a message on a cake, make little treats with customized initials, or teaching kids the alphabet, this is a great tool to create personalized baked goods.


Gummy Bear Mold

Ever wanted to add gummy bear–shaped fudge to your baked goods? This mold allows you to do this, and so much more! Plus, it’s always good to have a tool in your kitchen that can transform the shape of any of your foods—Jell-O, chocolate, candy, cookies, ice, etc.—into gummy bears. Also, it’s a sure favorite with the kids.

Remember: Bake smarter, not harder. All good bakers know the importance of investing in tools that will save you time, effort, and make it easy to look like a baking pro.

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