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8 Fun Kitchen Gadgets

We’ve all heard the expression don’t play with your food, but is this always true? Sometimes with the right accessories, playing with your food can be fun—and a great way to get your kids interested in the joys of cooking and baking. If you’re looking to bring some fun to the kitchen, check out these cool cooking gadgets.

Cute Mr. Tea Strainer

A warm cup of tea can be a joyous experience. What could make it better? How about a little laugh? This body-shaped tea strainer is a sure way to provide this chuckle. After loading Mr. Tea Strainer with your choice of tea, you can simply sit back together and enjoy your warm, cozy beverage.


Sushi Maker Set

Great sushi is an art form that takes years to perfect. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t try your hand at the process. This sushi maker set is the ideal place to start. You can follow traditional sushi recipes or get creative and try to build your own—make your very own house roll even! We also have a smaller, single roll sushi maker.


Rabbit Silicone Egg Mold

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Though you realize this, your kids might not. Getting them to eat their breakfast can sometimes be difficult. Nothing helps inspire them to get their necessary nutrients like fun, playful food. This rabbit mold is just that. By simply placing this mold in a frying pan and adding two eggs, you can change the face of breakfast. It can also be used for other foods such as pancakes.


Scream Ice Silicone Mold

Even if you are not a fan—or don’t even know of Edvard Munch’s 1893 painting “The Scream”— this unique kitchen gadget will add a fun flair to any drink. The mold is made of food-grade silicone and can make up to 12 screaming-face ice cubes at a time. It’s also a great way to get kids to hydrate on a warm day.


Cute 3D Cartoon Cookie Cutters

What do kids love more than cookies? Cartoons! We have an extensive collection of cookie cutters that include a range of familiar, lovable faces. These plastic cutters can be used to mold, brownies, cookies, cupcakes, and virtually any other baked good you can dream up. We also carry this set of baby-themed silicone molds that are perfect when preparing baked goods for a baby shower.  


Cake Writing Pen

Customizing your baked goods with a personalized message or hand-drawn picture can be the perfect way to give your creation that signature touch. And with this pen, you will have total creative control. Using a simple suction technique, this baking accessory allows you to bedazzle your tasty creation. It is conveniently easy to clean and is oven-, microwave-, freezer-, and dishwasher-safe.


Sphere Cake Mold

Show off your cooking skills and creativity with a sphere cake mold. This aluminum alloy mold is perfect for making fondant cakes, puddings, and pastries. And it is an easy way to turn your favorite sweet into a sucker-like treat on a stick. It’s also ideal for creating perfectly symmetrical balls of ice cream.


Funny Lid Silicone Men

Sometimes when cooking, you need to let off a little steam—literally. You want your dish to remain covered so that it retains moisture, but you also what to allow for some air flow. Rather than continually lifting the lid to provide this needed release, these little silicone men can do the lifting for you. Made to endure the heat, these lid men can provide the perfect helping hand in the kitchen. They also make unique gifts!

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