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Improving Meditation Through Accessories

Meditation can be a deeply rewarding practice. It can foster internal serenity and peace, and in the long run, it can even improve productivity, reduce stress, build self-awareness, and— according to some studies—boost gray matter, the good stuff that controls your movements, thoughts, and senses.

Anyone who has ever tried meditation knows that it’s not easy to master. One of the hardest parts is finding the time and place to make it a daily part of your life, so that you can start to experience its effect. To assist you in the process of integrating meditation into your everyday life, it helps to have tools and reminders to inspire and guide you.

At My Passion Street we have an expansive collection of accessories dedicated entirely to meditation. Most of these accessories work in two key ways. First, they serve as tools to help enhance and reinforce your meditation goals. And secondly, they improve your decor and allow you to express your passion for meditation. Browse through our collection to find the tools to help you achieve the most peaceful and meaningful meditation session.

Here are five accessories that can improve the way you meditate.

Mats and Blankets

Regardless of your preferred yoga or meditation pose, having a specific designated space is important to meditative success. Whether it’s a room, cushion, chair, or mat, your space needs to work for you and put you in the right frame of mind. For example, if your meditative practices are deeply influenced by chakra alignment, it might be helpful to have a tool that reminds you of your chakras. Something like this brightly colored 7 Chakra Meditation Blanket could be the perfect fit.


Tapestries, Posters, and Paintings

Whether it’s a classic wall tapestry or a Buddha painting, tapestries and posters can serve as great meditation reminders and aesthetic additions. Take this Mandala Elephant Yoga Blanket, for example. When hung in a room, it not only reminds you of meditation and its importance, but it also provides an evocative symbol that brings the peace, beauty, and the serenity of nature into your home.


Statues and Lamps

When used properly, statues can be a great way to instill inner peace and motivation. Some can even inspire a certain stance, pose, or feeling. Often times statues of Buddha are commonly used to promote this cause. However, there are a variety of untraditional, yet effective, statues that can provide this inspiration, like this Color Changing Meditation Lamp, which serves as an excellent reminder of the way natural energy can radiate from within.


Jewelry is a stylish and practical way to take the magic of meditation and meditative thinking everywhere you go. Whether you’re looking for something to keep your chakra balance in mind or something to heighten your attunement and connection with nature, jewelry can be the perfect accessory to assist with your meditation goals.

The key to improving meditation through accessories is finding what’s right for you. At My Passion Street, we have an expansive collection to help you in your search.

Find a unique accessory that will foster more meaningful meditation. Check out our meditation collection today!